Summary of the Grant Guidelines

Grant applications may be submitted twice a year by all non-profit and government agencies established as public charities serving Routt County youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization, ages prenatal – 25 years old. YAP grant funding supports youth oriented programs and projects throughout the entire county, especially smaller agencies and schools in the most rural areas of the County where the need for proactive youth programs is often greatest. Most grants fall in the category of the “Standard Grant,” $5,000 to $15,000. The High Impact Grant of $18,000 – $23,000 is reserved for exceptional projects or youth programming. YAP provides site visits to the grantee agencies for the purposes of on-going agency support.

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Youth Advocacy Project Grant Guidelines
The Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation (CSFF) was established in 2005 for charitable purposes by Sara and Michael Craig-Scheckman. The Youth Advocacy Project for Routt County (YAP) is fully funded and controlled by the CSFF and directed by Mark Andersen. The CSFF grants funds through YAP in support of charitable tax-exempt organizations benefiting Routt County youth who experience financial hardship, have multiple risk factors and/or have a disability or special need.

Approximately $250,000 will be granted during the March funding cycle and $250,000 during the November funding cycle. In addition, $125,000 in total will be granted among Routt County’s three school districts for our YAP Community Initiative focusing on behavioral health in the schools. The CSFF will grant $25,000 in YAP Discretionary Funds to YAP Partners, organizations that have previously received YAP funding. Apart from our YAP funding, a total of approximately $400,000 will be granted through CSFF Discretionary Funds, which includes opportunities for capital campaign support. CSFF Discretionary Funds are awarded at the discretion of the CSFF Board of Directors. See the History and Philosophy section of our website for further information.

Areas of Interest
Our identified target population, articulated in our Mission Statement, includes Routt County youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization. Emphasis will also be placed on our strategic priorities. See Strategic Priorities section of our website. Review also our section on Multi-Risk Factors, being mindful that these are examples and not an exhaustive list.

The mission of the Youth Advocacy Project for Routt County (YAP) is to work collectively with our partners throughout the community to improve the lives of Routt County youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization.

YAP envisions an engaged and diverse Routt County community that strategically collaborates to strengthen the optimal potential of vulnerable youth and families.

YAP Grantee Eligibility Requirements
CSFF funds charitable tax-exempt organizations benefiting our target youth in Routt County through YAP, including non-profit organizations and governmental agencies that are part of state, county or city government. CSFF is pleased to fund organizations that operate programs or projects in multiple counties, as long as YAP funds are allocated directly towards supporting Routt County youth. Funding is reserved for youth advocacy programs, community projects or educational projects that provide services to youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization. Youth shall be defined as prenatal through 25 years old.

CSFF requires any organization applying for a grant to show evidence of their 501(c) (3) public charity status through a copy of an IRS determination letter. Government agencies must provide educational or public advocacy programs, and must be a political subdivision of the State of Colorado. Grants to private foundations are prohibited, as are grants to individuals. Grant applications will be considered for a specific program or project, or for general operating support to serve YAP’s target population, as outlined in our Mission Statement, in Routt County.

YAP Grant Funding Cycles
The first funding cycle deadline for grant applications is the first business day in March, with grantee notification mailed by the first business day of April. The second funding cycle deadline is the first business day of November, with notification mailed by the first business day of December. Funding will be distributed within one month of the grant application deadline. Grants may be multi-year; organizations considering multi-year grants should contact CSFF and set up an appointment to review their grant proposal prior to the grant application deadline. Organizations may apply for YAP grants during consecutive funding cycles as long as the previous grant funds have been fully implemented by the organization, and a meaningful Reporting Form has been completed.

YAP Grant Funding Categories
Most grants fall in the category of the Standard Grant, $5,000 to $15,000. If you are applying for general operating funds you must apply within the Standard Grant category. The High Impact Grant of $18,000 to $23,000 is reserved for exceptional programs/projects that have a meaningful, positive impact on youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization in Routt County. Agencies that have no history of previous successful grant funding through YAP are not allowed to apply for High Impact grants. Agencies may consider applying for a High Impact Grant one time per calendar year. We encourage those applying for a High Impact Grant to collaborate with other youth organizations to address specific obstacles or challenges youth face in gaining equitable access to rigorous and suitable education and behavioral health services. High Impact Grant requests are reserved for compelling special projects or youth programming; general operating requests will not be considered in the High Impact Grant category. High Impact Grant applications must include a rigorous evaluation plan for achieving evidence inferred outcomes. A High Impact Grant may be awarded to a mission appropriate organization that demonstrates implementation among a significant number of youth within CSFF’s target population. If the Grant Review Committee concludes the application does not merit a minimum award of $18,000, the applicant will not receive any funding for that grant cycle. If your organization is considering applying for a High Impact Grant, you must email or meet with the Executive Director at least one month prior to the funding deadline.

We understand that some organizations might want to request less than our $5,000 minimum in the Standard Grant category; those who are YAP partners can ask for discretionary funds. If you are not a YAP partner, please contact us directly to discuss your funding needs under $5,000.

Submitting Your YAP Grant Application
YAP grant applications must be submitted online no later than 5:00 p.m.on the day of the deadline. Applications received after 5:00 p.m. will not be accepted, no exceptions.

YAP Grant Review Committee
CSFF strives to maintain a YAP Grant Review Committee consisting of a diverse group of people with various areas of professional skills and life experience. The YAP Grant Review Committee, led by CSFF’s Executive Director, meets to carefully review and consider each completed grant application that falls within the Grant Guidelines. An applicant will be promptly notified if the grant application indeed falls outside of the Grant Guidelines and will not be reviewed. Grant Review Committee decisions are subject to final approval of the CSFF Board of Directors.

YAP Grant Recipient Support
The CSFF will provide one or more site visits to all organizations that have received grant funds in order to provide meaningful, hands-on support. The CSFF staff provides additional support throughout the year for our YAP Partners including conducting measured outcomes workshops, facilitating board governance development, providing letters of recommendation, and advice/brainstorming support with regard to long-term sustainable programming that genuinely meets the needs of marginalized youth in our community.

Required Reporting Form
Grantees are required to report on the effective use of the grant award and the desired outcomes after implementing the funding. The Reporting Form can be found on our website. Reporting Forms must be submitted within one year of receiving the grant. In addition, agencies submitting a new grant request must turn in the Reporting Form one month before the grant deadline. It is highly recommended that the Reporting Form be completed immediately after the grant funds are implemented as the impactful nature of the Reporting Form is remarkably increased when information is strategically gathered and then reported on within a timely manner. Agencies may not re-apply without completing a Reporting Form.

Revised 2020
Please note – Grant Guidelines are subject to change from year to year.

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