CSFF Advisory Committee

The role of the CSFF Advisory Committee is to advise, consult and make recommendations to the CSFF Board of Directors regarding best practices, legal and ethical compliance, financial accountability and other operation matters that must be considered as the Foundation evolves over time. The CSFF Advisory Committee members meet regularly with the Board of Directors, and while their expertise and recommendations are highly valued, their role is advisory in nature. Future Board of Directors candidates may strategically be vetted from the CSFF Advisory Committee.

Brad Craig

Brad Craig is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the day to day operations of Deer Park Road Corporation (DPRC), with the exception of portfolio management and trading. Brad has extensive experience in managing businesses prior to joining DPRC in 2007. He was the President/CEO of a nationally recognized environmental laboratory. Brad earned a BA in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania in 1989, and a MS in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in 1991. Brad is a native of California. He moved to Steamboat Springs in 1991 with his wife Lara, and they have a son and a daughter. Brad is a five-time Ironman, a former collegiate swimmer, a mountain and road biker, and Deer Park’s only true telemark skier.

Brian Smith

As a member of the Steamboat Springs community and long-time Dean of Students/teacher at Steamboat Mountain School (SMS), Brian Smith strongly believes in a community’s ability and strength to provide the “village” that supports and advocates for youth and their development. Brian is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University where he played Division III football, and he earned his MA in Mathematics from Northern Colorado University. A former member of the Steamboat Rugby Club, Brian coached middle and high school wrestling in Steamboat Springs for five years, and has led many outdoor experiential trips and SMS Global Immersion excursions around the world. Brian and his wife, Alli, have twin boys who were born in 2015. Brian has served on the CSFF YAP Grant Review committee since 2015.

During its formative years, CSFF greatly benefitted from the knowledge and passion of several outstanding youth advocacy leaders in the Routt County community. These folks were collectively called YAP Advisors, and we would like to formally recognize and thank each past YAP Advisor that served CSFF; they were highly instrumental in assisting the founding Board of Directors, Sara and Michael Craig-Scheckman, in assessing youth and family community needs, and building the initial structures for implementing the founding Board’s vision for the Foundation:

Renee Donahue, stellar advocate of early childhood education (2004-05).

Lane Malone, advocate of impactful youth mentorship (2004-06).

Gretchen Van De Carr, inspirational leader of outdoor-based youth service and education (2004-2015).

Stephanie Martin, another remarkable advocate of early childhood education (2005-2015).

Libby Foster, highly instrumental leader in solidifying youth mentoring concepts and systems (2006-2015).

YAP Advisory Grant Review Committee

YAP benefits by having an excellent and diverse Advisory Grant Review Committee, led by the CSFF Board of Directors. During each of YAP’s formal funding cycles, the Advisory Grant Review Committee thoroughly reviews each submitted application which are then discussed and considered on Grant Review Day. The committee is comprised of CSFF Advisory Committee members, staff, and other rotating skilled community members with a passion for youth advocacy and diversified professional expertise.

Current Advisory Grant Review Committee Members

Dervla Lacy (2015 – )
Wendy McLaughlin (2016 – )
Jon Quinn (2018 – )
Brian Smith (2015 – )
Jay Hamric (2019 – )
Jessica Charpentier (2019 – )

Past Advisory Grant Review Committee Members

Mark Andersen (2007-2008)
George Avgares (2013)
Lara Craig (2009-2010)
Libby Foster (2006-2015)
Debbie Gooding (2013-2014)
Brian Hoza (2006)
Stephanie Martin (2005-2015)
Steve Paoli (2014-2015)
Rita Rhodes (2009-2011)
Dawn Scheckman (2015-2017)
Gretchen Van De Carr (2005-2015)
PJ Wharton (2012-2014)
Travis Wilkinson (2011-2012)